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Battery Research

The following is a list of current research projects within the battery research group. Contact Dr Ernst Ferg for details.

  1. The accelerated life cycle testing and modeling of Li-ion cells used in Electric Vehicle applications.

    Level: MSc.

  2. The development and evaluation of valve regulated technology in automotive and industrialbatteriesmanufacturing using non destructive impedance analysis.

    Level: MTech.

  3. Synthesis of oxides as cathode material in a lithium ion battery using micro-flow reactor technology.

    Level: PhD.

  4. Modelling of the crystallization process of highly concentrated ammonium nitrate emulsions

    Level: MSc

Current Research Students

  • B. Simpson; MSc
  • T. Phangalala: MTech
  • C. Rossouw: MSc
  • R Mohamed: MSc
  • C. Snyders: PhD
  • M. Mdlokovana: MTech (Prod & Process)


Contact information
Prof Ernst Ferg
Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry
Tel: 27 41 504 3160